Our office in Lansdale is located on the first floor of a beautiful stone house built in 1890.  The house has been used as a medical facility for many decades, and the first floor has been remodeled to accommodate medical needs. 

A spacious parking lot is situated behind the house for our patients.  There is an entrance to our office in the front of the building as well as in the back of the building.  The back entrance has a ramp, which can accommodate patients with wheel chairs or stair-climbing difficulties.

Inside the building, you will find a large, welcoming waiting room decorated with traditional Chinese vases and paintings.  Our treatment rooms are private, spacious, quiet, and clean, providing the most calming environment for our patients.  We also play soothing meditation music at a very soft volume inside the treatment rooms to help our patients relax.  There are chairs beside the treatment table in every room incase a patient wants to be accompanied by a family member.

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